How to play BRUTUS

You can have only one character. Why? This is a roleplay not a classic server. Chose wisely. Only few weapons can be purchased via quest shop. You obtain a weapon at base lvl 30 and 50 for free. No potion can be purchased, except atk speed potion… they must be mixed via NPC. You will be with your 1st class character for a long time. Every 2nd job quest need job 50, the home rent quest and you must be a part of guild. Merchants discount and overcharge give a bit of job lvl, heal and ressurection skill too…

Exp penalize when you die are 5% of lvl exp! Dont die!

Beware, aggressive mosters have been added to some maps! And they are much stronger, than the mobs that are normally on the map!

  • start
    • you have got only a knife and 60zeny
    • talk with the Pet Professor
    • obtain, hatch and rename your pet exp bonus 25%
    • there is not an incubator in shops! keep them alive
    • at novice ground use a merchant to obtain the novice red potion and juice merchant for an apple juice for your pet
    • eat herb, fruit, vegetable, meat, meal, cookie… if hunger is 0, then you will die(including exp penality!)
    • you can try any quest from questboard. Reward: apple juice(poring and your food), red potion, fly wing, meat, meal…) , dont eat 1 meat from lunatic hunt and keep it for juice mixing quest
    • obtain job lvl 10 and go out
    • dont let your pet die
    • weapon for entrance to 1st job quest can be obtained in quest shop
    • normal red potion can be traded via classic NPC “merchant” in Payon, Prontera, Morocc, Aldebaran and Geffen
  • visit the Old Pharmacist in Alberta
  • 1st job
    • look at your Quest Log -> Recommended
    • this server is Prontera-centric, discover new NPC and system in this city…
    • start the Patch to the House quest, you need it for 2nd job
    • find a guild for you or make a new one, also needed for 2nd job
    • make a friends to exp and survive, also for obtaining weapons and potion (only blacksmith and alchemist can make them!)
    • after reaching base lvl 50, the reward is every hour(10 000 base exp and 5 000 job exp), not given if player is AFK for 10min or is the buying store or the autotrade enabled.
    • exp can be purchased (currency is zeny) after reaching base lvl 60 and job level 30